An Israeli guide to Hamburg ⭐⚓

Israeli startups can apply now to be part of our next batch. But we know there are too many question before making a decision to change the sunny, dry land for rainy Hamburg.

That’s why we came up with a little survival guide with tips from two “experts” from our previous batches: Eliran Lazar, CEO of Pushapps and Yaniv Solnik, Founder of VTTP . After living six months in Hamburg, they have their own impressions and secret tips on how to make the best out of the city.

Our Hamburg experts, Yaniv and Eliran



One thing the Israelis unanimously agree on is their love for Sternschanze — the hype, cool neighborhood which happens to be home of our NMA office! “Seems like every area in the city is a little bit different and the Schanze was definitely the one I felt most fitting for me”, Yaniv says.

“Seems like every area in the city is a little bit different and the Schanze was definitely the one I felt most fitting for me”, Yaniv, VTTP

Eliran makes a good comparison: Schanze is for Hamburg like Dizengoff area is for Tel Aviv “very alive, colorful and happy, except that the beer in Hamburg cost 1 Euro”.🍺🍺


True, the options of Kosher food and products in Hamburg are not too many or varied. But they exist! Chabad Lubawitsch made a nice list of places and online shops where you can get Kosher products. We highlight some of them:

Supermarket EDEKA Anders in Grindeallee has a shelf with Kosher products for the day-to-day life, as well as special occasion (wondering where you can find Matzot for Pessach? that’s the place!)

“ The first thing I did every time I came back to Hamburg was spending some quality time in the closest Edeka buying my “saft” gummy bears and a few packs of knuffels” Yaniv

The Bakery chain NUR HIER has “Lüneburger” Bread, which is also kosher


Either if you’re missing the taste of home or wanting to discover something new, here is some of our favorite spots:

Le-Lion, “a chic Parisian bar, you must visit at least once” (Yaniv)

Walrus “My “home bar” (Yaniv)

Helal Bazar (Bartelsstraße 49) “excellent tahini and Pittas (Eliran)

Café Leonar: Jewish café decorated with books and Menorahs. There is even a dish named “Rehov Sheinkin, Tel Aviv” (Julia)


“We had a traditional Shabat meal with the rest of the startups of our batch once, and that was fun. “ (Eliran)

“I didn’t celebrate a jewish holiday but I did watch a football match (on TV) between Israel and Italy surrounded by a few Italians and some Israelis from the NMA friends circle. It was like a holiday! too bad Israel lost the game though…” (Yaniv)

Photo: Julia Mandil


Main Synagoge: Synagogue Hohe Weide 34

A list with the calendar and time for Shabbat services can be found here

More info about weekday services (in English) go here


Israeli Embassy in Berlin

Central Council of Jews in Germany

Jewish Community in Hamburg

Museums and Institutions in Hamburg

Thank you/ Todah Rabah Eliran and Yaniv, for the awesome tips! 👍

We are looking forward welcoming more Startups from Israel in our next batches.

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