Batch 10 up on the virtual stage — Meet Klipworks

A tool that helps video creators to collect footage from all over the world. And to share it instantly. How does that sound in times of Corona? Well, that’s what Klipworks is made for. Asger Rasmussen is one of the co-founders of the startup that is part of our batch 10. We talked to him about Klipworks, his team, and why he had to stop working as a video editor in Denmark.

Nikolaj Trnka and Asger Rasmussen / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife


Hey Asger, how is working from home?

Asger: Working at home here in Denmark is actually not that different for me except that I have two kids hanging around that I cant send off to daycare. But of course, it’s different from our last days in Hamburg.

What are you guys doing at Klipworks?

Asger: Basically, we provide a tool that enables reporters to collect video content from their audience without meeting them in person. In a way it’s exactly what’s needed a lot right now in the Corona crisis. With Klipworks you as a reporter write a request and send it out virtually to people. After they finished their recordings with their smartphones, the footage will automatically be uploaded to our platform.

“When you stop recording, the video is made available for the journalists within seconds.”

What’s your favorite feature of your tool?

Asger: The best thing about Klipworks is its speed. When you stop recording, the video is made available for the journalists within seconds.

How did you come up with the idea for that?

Asger: I have a background as a news journalist in Denmark. When I was doing video interviews, I realized that I was asking people the same questions and doing the same recordings again and again. So I thought: is there any way to enable people to shoot this footage by themselves? Also, video production is a lot about resources and logistics. We had to travel a lot and to put a lot of effort into a simple video. The more I thought about a solution, the more situations like that kept coming up.

“We have partners on both sides of the border already.”

At what stage is Klipworks right now?

Asger: I went full time with Klipworks at the beginning of 2020. We are still in a testing phase. So far, we are working with a Danish TV station and with the German public broadcaster NDR. So we have partners on both sides of the border already.

How did you meet up with the NDR?

Asger: One day in the middle of the Corona situation we got in touch with the NDR. They connected in the morning and in the afternoon we had the first skype session about their idea for a publishing project. On the night of the same day, they wrote to us: ‘Let’s do it!’ They put a team together and on Monday morning they started. That shows that there is a rapid adjustment now. Unfortanelty we couldn’t meet the people in person but our tool is not centered on face-to-face work. So for us, it wasn’t a problem.

Join-in campaign of the NDR: “Wie geht’s dem Norden?”


Tell us a bit about the team behind Klipworks.

Asger: There’s me, coming in with the editorial background and my partner Nicolaj. He’s coming in with 25 years’ experience in the tech side. He had a company in the Nordics which installed software, hardware and cloud solutions for broadcasters and media companies. And then we have an experienced developer who worked in Silicon Valley and is back in Denmark now. Beyond that our investors bring in experiences from business development and leadership. They are great advisors for us.

“There is a chance to find out the best working hours for you. And what you need to be the best.”

What’s your best piece of advice for people founding a startup?

Asger: I learned that you really have to work on how people perceive your company. When I started working on Klipworks I was also doing manual video editing to have a safe income. Switching to work as a video software provider was really difficult because my clients were still seeing me as a video content creator. But you need to make that complete shift.

It sounds like a cliché but it’s really important to have the team in place before you start moving things. You need to establish trust in each other. Also on the investor’s and advisor’s side: it’s crucial to build strong relations with whoever is involved with the company. After all you’re in that together.

And what’s your #1 survival tip for working at home in the Corona situation?

Asger: Don’t have kids! (laughing) No, of course, you should see this as a chance. There are a lot of things missing due to the lockdown but you should turn this for the better. I think if your mindset is set to it, you can actually be more productive. There is a chance to find out the best working hours for you. And also what you need to be the best.

📩If you would like to get in touch with the team of Klipworks, shoot them an email via asger (at)
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