Batch 10 up on the virtual stage – Meet VibeVision

VibeVision is a Finnish company based in Helsinki and one of the startups of our current batch 10. This time we met Ana-Maaria Sandmair, the COO of the company, on the virtual stage. As a scientist, she knows a lot about emotions. Still, she is curious to find out how understanding emotions can boost businesses – with the help of VibeVision of course.

Julia Flovén and Dr. Anu-Maaria Sandmair from VibeVision / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife


The last couple of months have been tough for companies around the globe. How can your startup give a helping hand?

Anu-Maaria: It was not only tough for the companies but especially for the people. VibeVision helps companies to better understand them by measuring and analyzing their emotions. And the current situation causes a lot of emotions, it has been pretty intense for all of us lately.

What’s your number one survival tip for hard times like these?

Anu-Maaria: It’s very important to work with nice people. I think that’s the key to success, to have a bunch of nice people you enjoy to work with.

“When it comes to the decision-making process, our brain is strongly affected by emotions.”

Why is it important for businesses to know about how people feel?

Anu-Maaria: Humans are not really analytical animals. At least when it comes to the decision-making process, our brain is strongly affected by emotions. People will more likely use a product or a service if they feel good.

Screenshot of a VibeVision survey

How does VibeVision do its magic?

Practically, a company can send a QR code or a simple link to their employees or customers and ask them how they feel. But our tool looks quite different from traditional satisfaction surveys. VibeVision is a digital platform that works with all interactive devices such as mobile phones or iPads, PCs or Smart TVs. Also, we developed the tool with Universities, so it has a solid scientific background. We made VibeVision look nice, so it’s kind of sympathetic. It’s pretty inviting so that you will be curious about it.

“We are a small bunch of nice people, we have good fun together and we are working hard.”

You are part of batch 10 of NMA. What’s the status of VibeVision in 2020?

Anu-Maaria: VibeVision is two years old and we are already on the market in Finland. We have customers like RedBull and Bosch, banking investment companies and the healthcare system is using our surveys. In Germany, we started the first pilot in 2019 and this year we plan to launch VibeVision on the German market. After that we have a clear vision to scale it globally.

Anu-Maaria, COO of VibeVision, enjoyed the first Virtual Media Match in Mai 2020.

How did the journey of your company start?

Anu-Maaria: Our founder Reijo Karttunen is the father of the idea of VibeVision. He runs an event agency in Finland for over 30 years. He always wanted to know how his customers feel. But he wasn’t happy with the existing possibilities to find out. So he sat down with scientists and asked them: I want to analyze emotions, how do I do it? This was the starting point for VibeVision. And since his customers were very fascinated by the tool, they wanted to use it as well. So it began to grow by itself.

What’s the background of the team behind VibeVision?

Anu-Maaria: I came in as a medical doctor, a Neurosurgeon and Neuroscientist. So I bring a solid scientific background. My colleague Julia Flovén is a social scientist. She looks into the emotional analytics from a slightly different perspective. And Reijo Karttunen, he is the businessman and good at marketing and sales. We are s a small bunch of nice people, we have good fun together and we are working hard.

How can VibeVision be valuable especially for media companies?

Anu-Maaria: I think media is hit really hard by the changes of digital transformation. People are moving to online reading and its happening so fast. Media companies need to know and then to understand why people are consuming their content or not. That’s one thing. But the companies also have to look at their employees. In media houses, people were used to work traditionally and it seems to be quite challenging for them to change their work. To keep the good talents in-house, companies need to know about their feelings. After all, the question “Do I want to stay or do I leave?” is based mostly on emotions.

Last question: how do you feel?

Anu-Maaria: I am excited of course! For me, it’s really exciting to work for VibeVision.

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1 reply on “Batch 10 up on the virtual stage – Meet VibeVision”


1 reply on “Batch 10 up on the virtual stage – Meet VibeVision”

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