NMA Alumni Story: How Klipworks makes your clips work

Imagine you’re a media professional and for your next video content project you need to gather and organize many clips from dozens of people. While collecting, you may need to ask for more clips, communicating with different people with different set-ups. A bunch of cloud services, subscription-free or not, do not necessarily make that task easier for you and your audience.Thumbnail: Klipworks Batch 10 Alumni Startup

next media accelerator introduces its portfolio companies. We showcase success stories from nearly six years of acceleration within the media industry. Today: Klipworks.

Klipworks hassle-free solution for video contribution

The all-in-one cloud solution from Klipworks solves all of that and can be easily included in the workflows of media professionals, video contributors, and editors. That’s well-proven, one year after launching Klipworks. Asger Rasmussen, CEO and co-founder, has a lot to report one year after being part of NMA’s batch 10.

When you look back at the past months, what development do you see?

Asger: The last months have been all about getting Klipworks out to a broader audience and getting more real-life use cases. We began the year with only one client in Germany, the NDR. Now we have clients in Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden. So it has been rather hectic.

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What is your most important tip for young founders?

Asger: Have patience! Statistics actually say that the average first-time founder is closer to 40 years old, so my best suggestion is to gain some real-world experience and then – when the timing is right – make the jump into whatever idea you have.

I believe the problem you want to solve will be much more clear since it is most likely something that you experienced yourself. So it will be easy to gain vital trust from future investors and team members if you have been around the block.

What are your plans for the next months?

Asger: Over the coming months we will continue to develop our platform and focus on how to best integrate our systems into existing solutions. Our users won’t need to learn “yet another software” when onboarding Klipworks.

The founders of Klipworks: Nikolaj Trnka and Asger Rasmussen |  Photo: Tom Medici

Get in touch with Klipworks:

Are you curious about the Klipworks solution? Feel free to shoot them a message and get in touch.

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