#CODE+CONTENT: Meet the winners 🏆

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Photo: Alexander Svensson (NDR)

In times of content overload, journalists, reporters and producers face the challenge to create and deliver high quality news pieces in a fast speed. (#innovateordie)

At #CODEANDCONTENT hackathon, organized for the second time with our partners NDR and ARD-aktuell with the support of Google News Initiative, professionals from the media industry teamed up with developers and designers to propose solutions to innovate media content, be it for television, news consumption, social media or storytelling. Meet the four winning teams:

“Best Overall” (1.000 EUR)+ Special Prize “Big story in small screens” (500 EUR): Smart Stories

Photo: Alexander Svensson (NDR)

With SmartStories app users can explore the stories format, creating and sharing in multiple platforms without restriction of time and length.

Team: Willem de Haan, Stefanie Undisz, Felix Engelmann, Jana Kischkat, Hendrik Millauer, Susanne Molter.

Most Innovative (500 EUR) : NDR Podcast Liebe

Photo: Alexander Svensson (NDR)

Alexa skill that allows users to choose podcast according to their own preferences — or be surprised and receive recommendations.

Team: Katsu Lask, Sandra Wiegard, Jannes Debus, Alexey Vidanov.

Special Prize “News-Website 4.0”(500 EUR): News Quiz

Photo: Alexander Svensson (NDR)

Audience engagement through gamification: mobile app with questions about latest news that allows users to play against each other.

Team: Tobias Alsema, Dominika Jaschek, Simon Kouker, Tim Kilian, Lukas Lange, Lukas Spindler, Tom Vollmer.

Best Pitch (200 EUR) : ExpertInnenFundus

Photo: Alexander Svensson (NDR)

Sharable database in which journalists can search for relevant contact from experts — avoiding multiple editors from reporting twice and repeatedly having the same expert to speak.

Team: Marvin Milatz, Lisa Dust, Dennis Schröder, Patrick Klapetz, Maja Bahtijarevic, Maike Lahmann.

BIG thank you to all participants and congratulations to the teams!

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