Batch 9 and the NMA team united on stage. ©Tom Medici

Everybody has got a story to tell.

It’s that time of year again…exactly…DEMO DAY time! We already celebrated our ninth edition of the “graduation” of our startups. After five months of dedicated work, sweat and tears when pitching to German publishers, broadcasters, media houses and agencies the teams finally cross the finishing line of the accelerator program (and are now part of our ever-growing alumni family). This batch was predominantly female, international and diverse: Seven startups, from eight different nationalities and 70 percent of the teams had at least one female co-founder.

So give it up to a big finale of our Batch 9: BotTalk, Casablnca, GetCreative, Midesk,, Tebeox and Zaubar.

Attentive listeners waiting for the pitches at DEMO DAY. ©Tom Medici

Program Manager Julia rocking the moderation. ©Tom Medici

©Tom Medici

DEMO DAY — Celebration time, come on!

Demo Day is the Grand Finale for us and our startups — it’s the big stage, the spotlight, the celebration of the achievements made during the intense months of the accelerator. Time to shine. We gather our international community of entrepreneurs, investors, media executives, mentors, friends and family. So cheers, here we go!

©Tom Medici

This little tickle in the guts, this excited tension, the joy in the air — this is the predisposition before rocking the stage. Oh, and our startups did rock it! Here are the highlights of an evening full of adrenaline and excitement:

BotTalk (Germany)

“Hey, I’ m BotTalk” — it resonated from the speakers in the concert venue when the robot took over the pitch of Andrey from the startup of the same name. It continued “…be gentle with him he’s nervous and his English is not as good as mine”. The audience laughed and cheered instantly. Pitch Kick-off: Nailed!

Andrey opening up with a bang…and a bot! ©Tom Medici

Watch now (minute 22:16 — 27:02)

Casablanca (Sweden)

BAAAAM! Say goodbye to struggle with Excel sheets when organizing your influencer relations: Casablnca is a data management platform for everyone in the influencer field which makes your life easier. Founder Jana speakes from experience: She used to work at Ivy Revel and that’s where she developed the idea of her startup along with co-founder Lisa.

Watch now (minute 28:20–31:50)

GetCreative (UK)

Everyone in the creative field needs to design presentations at some point. But creating slides is both: Time consuming and annoying. So, what about an AI-based solution that does the job for you? Sharon and her co-founder Davy did develop exactly that! But see the magic for yourselves.

Sharon solving pain points for creatives. ©Tom Medici

Watch now (minute 33:07–37:16)

Midesk (Germany)

Market Intelligence (MI) is one of those buzzwords which are hard to break down. But Jakub does it brilliantly while pitching his startup Midesk. They are offering a simple, time and money saving solution which is applicable across all branches and organizations working with MI. They just landed their first paying customer.

Jakub deep diving into Market Intelligence. ©Tom Medici

Watch now (minute 38:28–43:44) (Austria)

The headline says it all: Everybody has got a story to tell. makes use of that by combining the best of both worlds: online and offline. With their platform you can create your hard copy paperback book online. They already did cooperations with Salzburger Nachrichten, Zell am See und Kaprun and Thalia (leading book seller in the DACH region). But, let Martin tell you the full story…

Martin pitching on the big stage. ©Tom Medici

Watch now (minute 45:15–55:15)

Tebeox (Spain)

“Dankeschön” with a lovely Spanish accent was the signature of Milegny’s strong pitches — her startup Tebeox creates mobile ready comics and also comprises complex topics such as Brexit, the Greta Thunberg Story or the Fall of the Berlin Wall as comics (Tebeox news).

Milegny in action. ©Tom Medici

Watch now (minute 56:49–1:02:43)

Zaubar (Germany)

The finale of Zauber was lit — literally! Anne-Sophie delivered a stunning performance — including christmas lights in her hair! Everybody has a time-travelling machine in their pocket: Zaubar uses AR technology to turn archive photos into vivid street-tours and enables you to take a selfie with history — a mixie. For the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall they launched an app with Tagesspiegel.

Anne-Sophie on stage. ©Tom Medici

Watch now (1:03:31–1:10:35)

Surprise visit of Hamburg’s Mayor

The startups attracted a high-ranking visitor: Peter Tschentscher, the Mayor of Hamburg, came to say “Hi” and wanted to see the driving forces in media innovation in Hamburg.

Testing Zaubar — Peter Tschentscher Mayor of Hamburg. ©Tom Medici

©Tom Medici

The Hamburg’s Mayor Peter Tschentscher attending DEMO DAY. ©Tom Medici

The Mayor of Hamburg and the NMA team. ©Tom Medici

Thank you.

Thanks to Knust (for being the best venue for a Demo Day with vibes of rock’n roll, special thanks to Dirk in particular), Diggi Smalls (for the delicious food — now Mayor approved 😉 ) and all attendees (for showing support, bringing energy and making this evening incredible). And last but not least to our startups — you lit a firework on stage.

For those who missed the DEMO DAY pitches for inexplicable reasons ;) — no worries — we thought of you: Our alumni team Contentflow covered the event in a stream. Also, more photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Now it’s time for all of us to relax and enjoy the festive season. See you back in January!

From Hamburg, with love ❤

The NMA team


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1 reply on “DEMO DAY BATCH 9”

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