DEMO DAYS: Celebrating Batch 4 🎉🥂

Wow! Our DemoDays in Berlin and Hamburg were intense: 48 hours, five teams, two cities, hundreds of guests, extensive networking.

For the five startups of Batch4, DemoDays are a chance to pitch and impress investors, media representatives and potential customers. For us, DemoDays come with a bittersweet feeling: it’s a time to celebrate, but also to say goodbye to the startups. Another batch ends, a new one begins soon: a sign that our NMA-family is growing 😄

Family photo with Batch4

Special Guest Talks ⭐

We were happy to kick-off the events with two guests: Verena, joined us in Berlin to present her Kitchen Stories, teaching us that with perseverance and lot of effort you can make it happen. In Hamburg, Marili represented the #EstonianMafia and introduced Elevator Startups, our new partners making the Hamburg — Tallin connection stronger. #GirlPower

Verena (left) and Marili (right): inspiring talks from our guests

Batch 4: Stars of the Night 😎

The teams came a long way since they joined us first time in February. .It was not an easy task and they faced many challenges along the way…

No pain, no gain
Despite all the challenges, the teams made many achievements. Here’s what they announced at DemoDay:

Sceenic CEO, Paul Bojarski (left) and Rob Machado, from

Sceenic wants to revolutionize the way we watch TV. And in order to lead the revolution, they know it is required lots of work and little-to-none sleep. You could find them any day, anytime at the office, and all dedication paid off: they proudly announced a pilot with Virgin Media!

What’s the best way to cross the Atlantic and come to Hamburg? By boat, of course!🛳 Rob Machado, the captain of the came as far as Brazil to introduce a new tool — a “Photoshop for writers” — to the German market. The team has now seed investment round open! Calling investors to welcome aboard!

Anders Nilsson (left) pitching Newsreps; Trev Evans presents the results from Streamtime

Since changing Sweden for Hamburg, the Newsreps team was able to develop their product further and offer a more targeted service for their user-generated news app. Not to mention the chance to meet potential clients and investors. “After 6 months we’ve been able to develop and meet people we only could dream of”, CEO, Anders Nilsson, told us.

What did Streamtime do while at NMA? Simply built the whole platform from scratch! The UK startup offers a guide so that you don’t miss out on the livestreams from your favorite channels, media organizations or even football teams. They also added in web widgets, which wasn’t even part of their initial plan.

Contentflow CTO, Jonathan, takes the stage

Pilots, pilots, pilots. For Contentflow team, the time at NMA was a chance to test their livestream SaaS solution with German media organizations. Most recently they worked together with Deutsche Welle, streaming the Global Media Forum, and are now doing test runs with partners to stream the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg.

Congrats guys, for the hard work and dedication! 🎉⚡🚀⭐🥂


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