#EUhack: Meet the winners 🏆

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Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

What happens when you bring together a group of people from over 12 countries together for three days with the task to create a communications campaign to show support for EU? They transform a hackathon into a creative talent show.

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

At #EUhack eleven teams worked hard, combining passion and activism, to engage people not to take all benefits from EU for granted. It was the first edition of a “communications hackathon” and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of European Commission, Spiegel Online, Weischer.Media, German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy and pwc. We highly appreciate the support from all our partners. 🙌

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

A BIG THANK YOU to our team of over 10 mentors, who dedicated their time to help out the participants in the most varied topics: activism, communications, European legislation and design. You made a great difference in this hackathon!

To all jury members: we know you didn’t have an easy task. To chose only three winning teams among so many great ideas required quite a lot of time and (passionate) discussions. We appreciate your support for (all) teams to keep going forward with their campaigns.


Daniel Fritz, Jonáš Jančařik, Sibyl Scharrer, Florian Staudt, Irene Broer, Nico Scagliarini, Meinolf Ellers, Sandra Liebich, Mark Jäger, Nicole Foerster


Sabela Garcia (Next Media Accelerator), Franziska Knoefel (Weischer Media). Marle Schuhmann (Save Democracy Camp), Laura Lewandowski (Mesh Collective), Robert Gierke (Purenessity). John Friedmann (Pulse of Europe), Judith Horchert (Spiegel), Antje Collowald (European Commission), Ina Behrendt (Miami Ad School), Holger Raddatz (pwc).

Here are the three winning ideas to take Europe to the hearts:

BEST OVERALL: LoookAtEU (1.000 Euros)

+Invitation to visit European Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

“Like Pokémon Go for discovering EU buildings”. LookAtEU engages people through gamification with a “local funded map” showing the local projects funded by the European Union around neighborhoods.

MOST CREATIVE: Europe Guy (500 Euros)

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

A Superhero who personifies Europe as an anonymous character. His goal is to remind citizens about the benefits of belonging to Europe. How? Through creative and funny content with a message

MOST EFFECTIVE: I am Europe (500 euros)

Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

A platform to bring EU supporters together. Create your own personalized profile picture to raise your voice for Europe — and wonder what would it be like if EU was not there.

📷 The kick-off and final pitches in pictures.

🎥 Songs, heroes, bottles, food. Watch the final presentations.

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