Glad to announce our official acceptance as a GAN Accelerator

Everyone who knows us well enough is aware of the importance we give to building strong and meaningful relationships. Our scope is pan-European and we like to work with a diverse group of people here in Hamburg.

Today, we are pleased to announce a considerable add-on to our program: Our membership in GAN, a highly curated community of independent accelerators, partners, and investors that create opportunities for startups around the world to access the human and financial capital they need. There are more than 90 accelerators in the GAN Community, spread across more than 120 cities around the world, spanning six continents — and now, Hamburg can be counted among them. For accelerators like us, being GAN means our startups can accomplish what they never would alone, from a rich set of resources and experiences that are hard to beat.

Now that Next Media Accelerator is GAN, our startups can not only benefit from our connections to media houses and relevant industry players in Germany and Europe, but they will also have access to precious resources, perks worth more than US$1M in discounted services, and mentorship at a global level.

Some of the NMA team members from left to right: Lerato Ngwenya (Legal Advisor), Christoph Hünning (Interim Manager), Sabela García (Program Manager), Nico Lumma (Manaing Partner), Julia Mandil (Communications).

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