Match-Making: Our Regional Workshop

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As part of our acceleration program, we organize a workshop where we take the saying “think global, act local” quite literally. 🌍 🚀 We bring our international batch together with regional media houses from Germany and Austria.

The purpose of the event is to make a match between media houses demands and the solutions startups have to offer (and hopefully that will lead to Easy Testings 🙌 ).

“Half NMA investors are regional media/publishers. Therefore the importance of an event like this. On the one hand, its an opportunity to bring local houses together and for them to expose to the startups their needs and concerns. On the other hand, its an opportunity for startups to showcase to them their products.” Meinolf Ellers, CMO at next media accelerator

Among the needs highlighted by the media representatives are content monetization, personalization, need to reinvent subscription, improve and implement audio conversation, audio video, UX design and user journey. As our startups pitch, they are able to show how their products can help address (at least in part) many of these problems.

One-o-one meetings and demos after pitches: deals on the way?

For our startups, it is a valuable opportunity to have direct talks with media houses and understand how future cooperations could be established:

“I talked to some media organizations and I’m suprised that we are not the only ones facing some challenges with Alexa Skils. We are working through a test and we’ll see where it takes us. The most promising thing is that we talked with tech leaders from the organizations to see how we can work together. Is an early talk, but it’s a start. “ Davide Lovato, CEO Bricking News.

For media representatives, the outcome is also positive:

Daniel Kempf

“ For us is interesting to get impulses from external spaces, if you can integrate ideas and cooperate with startups. We hope we can help to grow ideas.” Daniel Kempf, Investment Management and Project Development at pd ventures.

Anna-Lena Neumann

“Startups are very helpful specially for the traditional media industry to find fast solutions. I would definitely come back and recommend to my colleagues because its a nice atmosphere to get in contact with startups and find some smart use cases for us and also for them.

” Anna-Lena Neumann, Digital Manager at Hamburger Abendblatt

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