Media Startups tear down Berlin Wall … digitally

Berlin Wall

The Fall of the Berlin Wall is still a very emotional event for the German public. Many still recall the exact moment when the borders were opened and citizens could once again be reunited. For 28 years they were used to the Wall, the physical appearance of the Iron Curtain dividing Germany. This very year, however, the country celebrates 30 years of unification. 30 years without a wall cutting through the capital, Berlin.

Trip down Memory Lane with Media Startups

Two startups of our current cohort (Batch 9) contributed with innovative ideas for the media, building strategic partnerships with publishers to enable their audience to revisit history digitally.

Experience the “magic” of a time-traveling machine

The Berlin-based startup Zaubar (founded by Anne-Sophie Panzer and Stefan Marx) launched an App together with the German newspaper Tagesspiegel titled “89/19”.

Either in the streets of Berlin or at home, through the app people can see overlapping images of how historical sights in the city looked in 1989 and today.

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The fall of the wall is also marked by iconic images and moments — and many immediately associate it with singer-actor David Hasselhof singing to the crowd. Thanks to Zaubar’s technology, the crowd can also take a selfie with historical figures. The result looks somehow like that:

Photo credits: Zaubar

See the Events through the Eye of a Comic Fan

The Spanish startup Tebeox contributed to marking the memorable day in a different way: the founders, Milegny Castro and Helena Renovell created a mobile read digital comic version of the events.

The Tebeox comic in the newspaper Neue Westfälische.

The comic of Tebeox resonated fairly well: it has been incorporated and shared by several publishers in Germany, such as NOZ, SHZ, SVZ, Neue Westfälische, Westfälische Nachrichten, Vorarlberg Online/ Russmedia , Aachener Zeitung.

We are extremely happy to see the startups reach out milestones and to see established media houses embracing innovation to find new forms of storytelling and engagement with the audience. Way to go!

About the Startups

Helena Renovell and Milegny Castro founders of Tebeox.

Tebeox (Spain)

Tebeox is a subscription based platform to publish and read digital comic books with an easy to use app and content made by professional authors. The female founders recently got feautured in an interview by StartupValley.

Anne-Sophie Panzer and Stefan Marx of Zaubar.

Zaubar (Germany)

Zaubar is developing the premier content creation app-platform for regional journalists and publishers to create Augmented Reality content with virtually no technical expertise nor production costs. Simply using historical photos or videos, we create digital sightseeing tours based on latest augmented reality technology.

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