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Photo: Romy Geßner

This time, we went too far.

As far as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Lithuania, The Netherlands (and also Germany). We have been keeping the news to ourselves and we are thrilled to share with our community the ten teams who will take part in our accelerator program for the next six months.

We also went far when it comes to the range of topics the teams are addressing with their tech solutions (you will see it for yourself, below). And talking about diversity: we’ve beaten our own record and have the largest presence of female founders so far. Something we deeply care about.

Wait no longer and meet the teams from our batch 8:

Jørgen Ekvoll Photo: Romy Geßner

Adbooker (Norway)

AdBooker is a service where advertisers can explore, compare and book ad space across all media platforms. We bring traditional media into a programmatic market, making it as easy to advertise anywhere as it is to advertise on Facebook and Google today.

Matilda Kong and Julia Dahlgren. Photo: Romy Geßner

Ceretai (Sweden)

Ceretai is developing an analysis tool for equality in media. We produce equality-related metadata on video using voice and image recognition and combine this with crowd-based equality evaluations to allow broadcasters, streaming services, and ad agencies to understand their content and audiences better and make more money.

Jegor van Opdorp and Ebele Wybenga. Photo: Romy Geßner

Coverstories (The Netherlands)

Coverstories delivers stunning branded stories to mobile readers. Our covers in news media instantly expand into fullscreen stories. We help brands engage an influential audience and allow publishers to sell their mobile ad space at a premium.

Cecilia Valsted and Lars Brask. Photo: Romy Geßner

IndieFrame (Denmark)

IndieFrame provides instant access to a global database of user-generated content. We create a direct link between the media and independent photographers, video journalists and on-site smartphone reporters. We make it possible to make better news stories faster and increase fairness by enabling content creators to profit from their work within the principles of a free market.

Alexander Lachinger and Mario Arabov. Photo: Romy Geßner

LAMA (Germany)

LAMA is providing video interviews as a service. We help businesses produce personalized video interviews in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of a professional video team. Users can conduct an interview directly through our app and seamlessly integrate the video on their websites, blogs etc.

Mina Wang-Andersen and Matthew Smith. Photo: Romy Geßner

The Lunicorn (Norway)

The Lunicorn is a video media brand for the mobile era. We publish hyperlocal content on the international innovation industry.

Njål Wilberg and Linn Dyveke Wilberg. Photo: Romy Geßner

Lytt AS (Norway)

Lytt is a publishing framework for audio journalism with an associated mobile player that can be tailor-made for the individual media houses. LYTT has defined the media houses as a customer, but we work user-oriented.

Michael Schmitt and Marc Süß. Photo: Romy Geßner

SIGMUND Talks (Germany)

SIGMUND TALKS is your personal marketing assistant. As chatbot, he advises and accompanies you to achieve your marketing goals. Due to artificial intelligence and a unique content co-creation process, you can create more diverse content in half of the time. Upgrade your creative process!

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow. Photo: Romy Geßner

Travel Kollekt (Denmark)

Travel Kollekt is an information platform and personalized travel planning publishing tool. An innovative travel guide in a dynamic and personal format. The platform is multisided and gives travelers the opportunity to structure and access their own research, inspiration, and content.

Kamile Jokubaite . Photo: Romy Geßner

True Insight (Lithuania)

True Insight is an AI platform for consumer attention monitoring. Test your website design and get AI insights about customers engagement, make data-driven design decisions: know if your product, brand or CTA was seen by users.

📆 Save the date: our next Demo Day will take place on June 17th in Hamburg. Make sure to join to see the achievements made by our batch 8 teams throughout the six months.

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