Nine startups, international founders, cutting-edge technology for the media industry.

Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

We got nine teams with founders from more than eight countries tackling a broad range of media challenges. From IGTV Soap opera to AdTech and Journalist Research Tools to Reader Engagement. This is a diverse batch when it comes to gender, skills, and products: Give a warm welcome to our batch 10!

Abraham Duplaa and Moritz Beutter / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Faktual (Germany)

Faktual develops an NLP-supported research suite that accelerates journalism desk research. Faktual collects information and extracts key points from primary sources specifically related to the current topic, speeding up research without sacrificing quality.

João Loureiro and Vanessa Naumann / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Followistic (Portugal)

Followistic is a reader engagement platform that helps online publishers build lasting relationships with their audiences.

Anna Juliana Jaenner / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Hashtag Daily (Germany)

Hashtag Daily is the first daily soap opera airing on Instagram and TikTok. Founder and actor Anna Juliana Jaenner has got experience in soap operas: She used to be part of the GZSZ cast.

Nikolaj Trnka and Asger Rasmussen / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Klipworks (Denmark)

Klipworks develops a video contribution platform. It enables journalists to formulate and request a video clip from their audience and minutes later the video is automatically uploaded to their cloud so the journalist can use it in their own production.

Mila Dayan and Kyril Kulikov / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Moderne (USA)

Moderne is a platform that helps marketing and advertising teams to create great ideas for their next campaigns.

Nikita Novikov and Artur Gorelcenka / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Serpentine (UK)

Serpentine is an app helping social media users create better quality content, grow their follower base and monetize their content through interactions with brands.

Xavier Alabart / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

Spaii Labs (Spain)

Spaii Labs builds data driven tools for media publishers in the subscription business. The flexible 1 to 1 adaptative paywalls maximize pageviews and revenue and the subscriber acquisition engine obtains new subscribers based on real time analyzed behavioral data.

Julia Floven and Anu-Maaria Sandmair / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

VibeVision (Finland)

VibeVision is an innovative, scientific-based tool to measure and analyse emotions and is used to help companies to better understand the customers and their needs.

Stephen Butler and Sebastian Geller / Photo: Tom Medici / The Fish&The Knife

yieldPass (USA)

yieldPass publisher cloud is the AdTech industry’s first all-in-one ad monetization suite. Publishers have the ability to surveil their Adstack 24/7 to identify the specific sources of revenue drops and gain access to leading AdTech solutions through one simple plug-and-play integration.

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