Mentors Monday with: Franziska Knoefel

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Every time Franziska comes by our office for a meeting, she ends up staying longer than planned. That’s because our startups rush to talk and get advice from the manager of Digital Revolution of Weischer Media.😎💪 Luckily we also managed to have a few minutes with her for a quick interview, talking about investing in one of our startups to organizing the next Media Match:

1 — You are the“Manager of Digital Revolution” — that’s a cool title! Where is Weischer Media leading this revolution towards? What are you standing for?

I love the classic advertisements we have. I love cinema advertising, having really good spots out there. I like print ads and I love the classic way of doing advertising. On the other hand, I love what you can do with connecting the classic way of advertising with the digital world. 💛 That is my job over here, to see what is our core business, where are we coming from, and how to combine digital world with classic advertising.

I don’t believe in doing just everything digital. I think you have to change things and you have to add new things to the old world. Like this this you will survive. But only innovation will never make the whole business succeed.

2 — You invested in Nqyer, a startup from our Batch1.How are you working together? What caught the interest from Weischer Media in this particular startup?

At Weischer we work with cinema and out-of-home media and they are both going more and more digital. And we think that social media is one part we that don’t have here. It would be another form of doing commercial, ads and to have brands spreading the word out there.

At the time that we invested in Nqyer, we thought that they easily understood what we were doing and how to include influencers into cinema and out-of-home media. So we thought it would be one more platform that we have here at Weischer. Social media was just the missing link.🎯

We take them with us to the clients and we try to write down a plan for the brand. So far we had two clients where we had out-of-home media and Nqyer included. In this way, for Nqyer it’s a chance to approach brands that they wouldn’t be able to talk to otherwise. So we bring Nqyer there and they get their contacts.

“It’s always good to get your mindset disrupted.”

3 — Weischer, Spiegel and NMA are organizing the next Media Match (“Yay!”). Any good surprises or features we can expect for this edition, something cool?

I can only say that we are going this year bigger. You will see us more. And if it turns out the way we want it, maybe there will be a way of going up to heaven…😁

👉And why media executives should come by and meet the startups?Because it’s always good to get your mindset disrupted. When you talk to startups you will rethink your own way of doing things.

4 —Weischer Media has been as a big supporter of NMA since the beginning. We are super happy to have you on board! 🎉Any good learning you made so far? How would you convince other investors to join?

Honestly the best thing to say to join is that there is no other way on earth to get all this information.If you are an investor and if you are really part of what I feel is the “NMA family” the startups are very trustworthy, they open up and tell you what they’re doing and give you really deep thoughts on what they think their future would look like. And by doing that companies like us have the chance to rethink the way of doing things.

Thanks for the talk, Franziska. It’s great having you in our “family”.

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