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Hamburg weather: keeping (rainy, windy) tradition to welcome the teams. Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Best of journalism. High quality Esports. Viral content. Image cropping.
Location based news. Chat communication. AI visual city guide. Our batch 6 is an international crowd with really diverse products: meet our seven teams.

Aiconix.ai (Germany)

Aiconix aims to revolutionize how individuals and media related businesses, small and large, can access, handle and process image related information. We analyse, tailor and enrich big data providing clients with accelerated access to programmatic creation and programmatic advertising.

Contact: Eugen L. Gross (elg@aiconix.ai)

Exponenta.io (USA/Belarus)

AI co-writer that helps content go viral. Exponenta is a deep tech, early stage startup founded by a publisher and a data scientist. “We use machine learning, NLP and neural networks to decode the complexity of virality and to provide recommendations how to create content your audience is going to share”.

Contact: Daria Minsky (dm@exponenta.io)

Frameright (Finland)

It’s all about the details. Uncompromised image cropping for multiplatform environments.

Contact: Marina Ekroos (contact@frameright.io)

helloguide (Germany)

helloguide introduces a SaaS-chatbot automation platform that converts content into dialogues — for an easy way to engage the mobile audience of media, museums, events, cities and brands.

Contact: Ines Woermann (ines.woermann@helloguide.de)

Locationews (Finland)

Where Matters. Locationews is a location-based article browser and publishing platform with the emphasis on “what” and “where”.

Contact: Julius Koskela (info@locationews.com)

Praise (Germany)

The Best in Journalism. Praise is a longread-finder, a goodreads-platform, your one-stop source for compelling stories. It’s easy sharing and discovery for the best in journalism.

Contact: Paul Solbach (p@praise.press)

The Shotcaller (Germany)

Nurturing Esports Culture. The Shotcaller combines high standards of traditional journalism with a huge passion for esports. The endemic esports media outlet stands for high quality think pieces & interviews rather than hit-pieces.

Contact: Alexander Hugo (nma@theshotcaller.net)

YOBO (Germany)

AI driven city guide. It´s using picture recognition to collect cognitive data about places and emojis to learn about you. Based on your situation it recommends you local spots which perfectly match to your mood.

Contact: Tobias Szarowicz (tobi@yobo-app.com)

Kick off Batch 6 . Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

Starting the batch right: no welcome to Hamburg can go without Fischbrotchen, trip to the harbour and beer. 🍻 ⚓️

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