NMA grows.

We are here to stay. Bigger, better and with very ambitious plans.

The place to be for media tech in Europe

We have built one of the most significant spots for media innovation in Germany and a place of reference for every media tech founder in Europe and Israel. Of course this did not happen overnight. We have invested loads of time and passion (and serious amount of caffeine) to make this happen. Our ten eager investors from the past two years have supported us all the way to help us be on the top of the wave as to what’s next in media innovation.

Our ambitious plans & new investment round

Last month we officially announced our next investment round to continue with our ambitious plans of becoming the number one in media innovation in Europe. We are working together with early stage media tech startups from Europe, Israel and US. Right now we are able to proudly announce that 20 companies from the media and advertising industries with aligned interests and goals have officially joined us to continue this venture for at least five more years.


Investing in nma and media tech startups

For our investors the real value of working together with us lies on the opportunity of being the first ones. They all have access to our dealflow, to the media trends we spot and to work together with the startup teams we accept into our program. They are able to choose, test, validate and eventually work together with them. Not forgetting they are also indirectly investing in the startups themselves so if any of them succeeds, they also get their bit back.

Do you want to be part? This is your opportunity.

Until the end of 2017 we are open to welcome more investors on board at a national or international level (investment opportunity between 200,000€ up to 1M €) willing to work together with our teams at nma. Those investors are ideally companies that are convinced that our approach of Innovation as a Service will make their product innovations faster and better. Get in touch if you wish to receive more information. We are happy to tell you more.

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