NMA @ SLUSH 2017 – Our impressions.

Photo credits: Samuli Pentti

“I went to Helsinki last week to attend my first ever Slush. What a great event! Helsinki at this time of the year is cold and wet, so not a whole lot of people understood why I wanted to go to Helsinki. But Everybody who has ever been to Slush knows what a great experience this is!”

“20.000 People attended Slush. This festival takes place in one gigantic hall on the fairgrounds and it is all about startups. Only people in the Nordics can pull of an event of this size and yet have a relaxed attitude about it.”

Nico Lumma

“I met so many new people, both from startups and investors, that made the trip worthwile. Helsinki might not be the startup capital of the world, but for a few days in late November this is where the magic happens.”

Nico Lumma, Managing Partner nma

“ People asked me how was Slush. It’s essentially a Burning Man festival for startups. Companies go there to pitch their new products — but there is a strong, genuine celebration atmosphere. We had a couple of good meetings, learned about a few opportunities for further funding, and spent two days wow’ing at some nearly-science fiction stuff.

Davide Lovato

One startup that stuck with me is www.mindeskvr.com. They use VR to make CAD modeling faster for designers. Thanks again startupsesame.com for inviting us.”

Davide Lovato, co-founder Simply Aloud

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