NMA Spotlight: How to manage the flood of data in marketing

Participants of the third NMA Spotlight discuss new workflows for sales and marketing departments.

Nowadays, companies have an ocean of data available, be it from reports, news articles or analytics, just to name a few. In order not to drown among all this information, organizations juggle with several tools for collecting, processing and sharing all these inputs. 

How then can startups make the data managing process more simple and faster, especially when it comes to sales and marketing departments? This has been the main topic of our third “Spotlight” event (check also the topics of the first and second editions). We gathered a crowd of experts in the field to navigate the challenges and opportunities for sales and marketing workflows. Here are some highlights:

Screenshot: The NMA startup DigiWhat takes part in the third Spotlight event.

Successful Marketing: How to win the trust of customers

There are several companies offering tech, innovative B2B products. What they all have in common is the need to be perceived as trustworthy by their customers.

1. Case studies

One way of building trust among companies is to present case studies (sometimes referred to as use cases or success stories). They feature concrete examples of how an innovative product works and they summarize key data that can be read by marketing and tech departments. The NMA portfolio startup DigiWhat has developed a creation process tool for B2B use cases: easy for companies to share their success studies, rewarding for media companies to publish them. Here’s how it works.

2. Less complexity

Market Intelligence departments know the struggle of having to monitor market and competitors’ data very well: loads of updates coming up at all times. Midesk (from our batch 9) is the platform to relieve this pain: it allows companies to automatically generate structured data from news articles, making the process of collecting and managing information faster and less complex for companies.

3. Easy Testing

Our guest speaker, Julian Stahl, Senior Manager Corporate Development at New Work SE, has had the opportunity to try Midesk first-hand by doing an Easy Testing. The platform was implemented by NewWork’s internal system to help Market Intelligence departments have more structure and precision when monitoring the markets. When asked about the experience of working with an early-stage startup, he highlights one advantage: “You are able to shape the software to your own needs.”

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