OMR Masterclass: Media startups take the fast lane

This year everything is different: The popular OMR20 festival created by the Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) could not take place offline and now moved to the virtual space – at least partially. More than 60 digital OMR Masterclasses centered around various topics of the Online Marketing orbit take place from June 17th to 18th.

Together with our partners nextMedia.Hamburg and dpa (German Press Agency) we are happy to present the OMR Masterclass “From idea to successful product: Media Startups take the fast lane”.

Save your spot on June 17th, 3 – 4 pm and dive into Hamburg’s thriving startup ecosystem.
The best part: You can join for free!

Now – more than ever – the time for innovation has come!

In the Master Class you will get to know the different key players of the ecosystem, follow the path of the startup BotTalk and get to e-meet nine innovative media tech startups. No matter if you are a founder, want to become one, just curious about media innovation or if you are a media professional – don’t miss out!

Our OMR Masterclass: watch ideas grow, get a glimpse of an innovator’s journey!

There are three stages for media innovators in Hamburg: the first one is the incubation phase where creative minds come up with an idea and apply at the Media Lift Inkubator. If that idea has matured into a product they are able to join the next media accelerator. If the product proves to run smoothly they can start partnering with Media Houses and agencies from all over Germany amongst which the dpa is included as well. 

With a seamless transition from stage to stage Dr. Andrey Eusalov (aka. #posterboy ;)), founder of the text-to-speech startup BotTalk serves as our prime example. He started out with just an idea when he joined the Media Lift Inkubator in 2019. The latter gained so much momentum that he was able to jump right into the next adventure with the next media accelerator. He completed both programs in parallel while connecting with valuable contacts within the media industry.

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A perfect match – dpa ID and BotTalk

Thus, BotTalkwas included in what we call “easy testing” case with the dpa – the media house/agency gets to test the startup’s product and provides valuable feedback. Together they take the product to the next level. The cooperation went well and the NMA and Media Lift graduate BotTalk got included in the new dpa ID service – a new market place that offers easy access to various services.  

On the road to success – meet nine NMA media startups

Last but not least, you will get to connect with the founders of our current batch 10: Faktual, Followistic, KlipWorks, HashtagDaily, Moderne, Monfluence, Spaii Labs, VibeVision and yieldPass. In their 1-minute speed pitches you will get the chance to see what kind of innovations brace the media branche for unsteady waters in the future. Meet them here!  

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