#PicturePunk Hackathon: Meet the winners 🏆

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Photo: dpa

For the second year we organized a hackathon together with the German Press Agency (dpa) in Berlin. This time, the challenge was about image and photos 📷. Around 70 participants got together to develop solutions on intelligent image searches, digital licensing and rights concepts as well as new visual representations.

“Hackathons are part of our service to our customers — a common marketplace of innovation,” Roland Freund, Deputy editor-in-chief at dpa.

👉 Read the full overview of #PicturePunk by dpa here (in German).

In this edition, the teams had the chance to work with different APIs: Adobe I/O, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Cloud Vision and Picture Alliance.

Meet the winners of #PicturePunk hackathon:

1 — “Best Overall” and “Best API” (1.500 Euro): SRCH

Photo: dpa

SRCH aims at redefining the image search experience with a prototype for an API-based image search.

Team: Florian Schulze, Alexander Gaus, Idan Nesher, Lisa Knolle, Daniel Dytert, Izabela Bratovic and Nicolai Fleischhauer.

2 — “Most Innovative”: Media Chain

Photo: dpa

Media Chain provides an automated license and rights concept. Rights and liability management for enterprises using Blockchain and AI.

Team: Dennis Natusch, Bernd Dinkel, NiklasR Heinze, Julian Brendel, Reiner Stieger, Erhan Yilmaz.

3 — “Best Pitch”: Smart Stories

Photo: dpa

Smart Stories: A multimedia story format for editors, who can produce an alternative to classic photo clicks and picture galleries in four simple steps.

Team: Morten Schoop, Felix Irmer, Andreas Genz, Oliver Multhaup, Walter Tietze, Daniel Biscan, Heike Betzwieser, Urs Zietan, Benedikt Wenck, Simon Rauh.

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