Popcorn, oscars and prototypes: #CinemaJourney hackathon

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Going to the cinema is for some people a hobby, for others a passion. Some like to watch movies together with friends, others prefer to devour a bag of popcorn on their own. At #CinemaJourney hackathon, participants had the challenge to make the experience of going out to watch a movie as innovative and engaging as possible.

Lights, camera and…hack

The first hackathon organized with weischer.media, the biggest cinema advertising agency in Germany, gathered an international crowd in a brand new, inspiring location, the Ruby Hans Coworking, in Hamburg.

Participants from around 10 countries got together in teams and at the end of two-and-a-half days presented nine ideas to transform the cinema, be it by using VR and AR to interact with movies, or by getting personalized souvenirs and cutting lines before the film starts.



The hackathon journey would not have been as fun and rewarding without the help of the mentors, who dedicated time to talk with all teams, share their expertise and give advices (and also let them play with VR Oculus in the meantime).

Sarah Lee, Art Director — NPIRE GmbH, Jannis Funk, Co-Founder Cinuru Research, Ira Tittler, Program Manager Next Commerce Accelerator (NCA), Simon Graff, avid nerd, and VR enthusiast, Franziska Knoefel, Manager Digital Revolution (Weischer.Media), Robert, Weischer.Media Kino Nerd, Stoyan Yankov, productivity and performance coach.

Jury, mentors, organisation team, VR and popcorn overload: some highlights of the hackathon.


A special thanks also to the jury members (aka the academy), whose complementary points of view (from the cinema management to acting) helped facing the uneasy task of selecting three winners.

Stefan Kuhlow (CEO, Werbeweischer GmbH & Co. KG), Matthias Wolk (Co-founder, VRtualX), Bastian Schimon (Marketing Manager, Flebbe Filmtheater), Lydia Richter (Actress, storyteller, filmmaker and designer)

And the Oscar goes to…

🏆 🎬 Best Overall — 1.500 € (+ cinema tickets) — “Hast du Kekse?!”

Connecting people who would like to go the movies but don’t want to go alone. It’s a mix between meet-up.com and tinder without the awkward dating part. Just connecting people online and taking the experience into the offline world. More people can experience it and experience it together!

Team: Urs Preukschat, Anna-Maria Dickmann, Julian Preußner

🏆 🎬 “Ready to take off” — 1.000 € (+ opportunity to work with Weischer. Media) — cinebo (cinemabot)

Cinebo knows about movies and loves to share this. A tool to gain valuable information about cinema goers. Innovative way to engage with the audience of a cinema. We want to help cinema owners to engage easier with their visitors and provide a better experience for cinema goers.

Team: Alex Grünig, Robert Weber

🏆 🎬 Most “visionary” — 500 € (+ 2 cinema tickets per team member) — Scene Discovery

An app to let cinema lovers identify filme scenes in real locations. Let film lovers and local explores find out movie scenes that have been shot in the nearby area.

Team: Caren Degen, Jana Kischkat, Philipp Trunczik


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