The great companies that went through our program already. We could not be more proud of them.

Portfolio Companies69


  • Faktual

    Faktual (Germany) Faktual develops an NLP-supported research suite that accelerates journalism desk research. Faktual collects information and extracts key points from primary sources specifically related to the current topic, speeding up research without sacrificing quality.

  • Followistic

    Followistic (Portugal) Followistic is a reader engagement platform that helps online publishers build lasting relationships with their audiences.

  • Hashtag Daily

    Hashtag Daily (Germany) Hashtag Daily is the first daily soap opera airing on Instagram and TikTok. Founder and actor Anna Juliana Jaenner has got experience in soap operas: She used to be part of the GZSZ cast. #NextGenTV

    Hashtag Daily
  • Klipworks

    Klipworks (Denmark) Klipworks develops a video contribution platform. It enables journalists to formulate and request a video clip from their audience and minutes later the video is automatically uploaded to their cloud so the journalist can use it in their own production.

  • Moderne

    Moderne (USA) Moderne is a platform that helps marketing and advertising teams to create great ideas for their next campaigns.

  • Serpentine

    Serpentine (UK) Serpentine is an app helping social media users create better quality content, grow their follower base and monetize their content through interactions with brands.

  • Spaii Labs

    Spaii Labs (Spain) Spaii Labs builds data driven tools for media publishers in the subscription business. The flexible 1 to 1 adaptative paywalls maximize pageviews and revenue and the subscriber acquisition engine obtains new subscribers based on real time analyzed behavioral data.

    Spaii Labs
  • VibeVision

    VibeVision (Finland) VibeVision is an innovative, scientific-based tool to measure and analyse emotions and is used to help companies to better understand the customers and their needs.

  • yieldPass

    yieldPass (USA) yieldPass publisher cloud is the AdTech industry’s first all-in-one ad monetization suite. Publishers have the ability to surveil their Adstack 24/7 to identify the specific sources of revenue drops and gain access to leading AdTech solutions through one simple plug-and-play integration.



  • Casablnca

    Casablnca (Sweden) Casablnca is a CRM-System for companies and agencies working with Influencer Marketing in-house. To handle, browse and sort Influencers, create campaigns and ongoing collaborations, follow up on customized KPIs and take reliable, data driven decisions for best possible growth.

  • GetCreative

    GetCreative (United Kingdom)  The PR industry has a lack of creative resource yet relies on visualising creative ideas to win new and keep existing, business.  Get Creative enables ideation, visualisation and enhances creativity.

  • (Austria) is the best content pool for real life stories, a market place and a perpetuum mobile  for content creation. Everyone can publish his/her real stories online and make a real book out of them - publish yourself with drag&drop. The "operating system book“ is the guarantee for high-quality content.
  • Midesk

    Midesk (Germany)  Companies of all sizes deal with market information, yet there is no off-the-shelf organizational solution for it. Introducing Midesk, an AI-powered market intelligence platform and first market intelligence marketplace for companies of all sizes that deal with market intelligence, competitive intelligence and media monitoring.

  • Tebeox

    Tebeox (Spain)  Tebeox is a subscription based platform to publish and read digital comic books with an easy to use app and content made by professional authors.

  • Zaubar

    Zaubar (Germany)  Zaubar develops the premier content creation app-platform for regional journalists and publishers to create Augmented Reality content with virtually no technical expertise nor production costs. Simply using historical photos or videos, we create digital sightseeing tours based on latest augmented reality technology.

  • BotTalk

    BotTalk (Germany) BotTalk enables publishers to put their content on the fastest growing voice platforms: Amazon Alexa and Google Home. BotTalk is a simple and powerful platform that automatically converts any written word into spoken word. Just like podcasts, but without production overhead! Save months of development headache and focus on what makes you unique - creating your content.



  • AdBooker

    AdBooker is a service where advertisers can explore, compare and book ad space across all media platforms. We bring traditional media into a programmatic market, making it as as easy to advertise anywhere as it is to advertise on Facebook and Google today.
  • Attention Insight

    Attention Insight is an AI platform for consumer attention monitoring. Test your website design and get AI insights about customers engagement, make data-driven design decisions: know if your product, brand or CTA was seen by users.
  • Ceretai

    Ceretai is developing an analysis tool for equality in media. We produce equality-related meta data on video using voice and image recognition, and combine this with crowd-based equality evaluations to allow broadcasters, streaming services and ad agencies to understand their content and audiences better and make more money.
  • Coverstories

    Coverstories delivers stunning branded stories to mobile readers. Our covers in news media instantly expand into fullscreen stories. We help brands engage an influential audience and allow publishers to sell their mobile ad space at a premium.
  • IndieFrame

    IndieFrame provides instant access to a global database of user-generated content. We create a direct link between the media and independent photographers, video journalists and on-site smartphone reporters. We make it possible to create better news faster and increase fairness by enabling content creators to profit from their work within the principles of a free market.
  • LAMA

    LAMA is providing video interviews as a service We help businesses produce personalized video interviews in minutes, for a fraction of the cost of a professional video team. Users can conduct an interview directly through our app, and seamlessly integrate the video on their websites, blogs etc. We also have our own magazine, where we help entrepreneurs promote themselves and learn from each other.
  • Lytt

    Lytt is a podcast platform for newspapers built to engage subscribers, monetize content and build deep and meaningful relations between the publisher and their audience. Lytt supports paywalls and enables targeted ads.
  • storyliner

    storyliner accompanies you in an artificial intelligence-backed creation process with inspiration, tips, and recommendations, as well as constant feedback on your content quality — the result: professional content at a fraction of the cost.
  • The Lunicorn

    The Lunicorn is a video media brand for the mobile era. We publish hyper local content on the international innovation industry.
  • Travel Kollekt

    Travel Kollekt is an information platform and personalized travel planning publishing tool. An innovative travel guide in a dynamic and personal format. The platform is multisided and gives travelers the opportunity to structure and access their own research, inspiration and content.


  • Cinuru Research

    Cinuru Research is a data analytics company for the movie industry, offering AI-powered digital loyalty systems to cinemas and data-driven online campaigns to film studios.
  • heysite

    With heysite we redefine the way people create a website: for free, easy, in a minute and on any device. We also redefine the way marketing professionals create campaign landing pages: super fast and easy to create, full of great features and shareable across all networks, messengers and other channels.
  • Playgorithm

    Playgorithm’s unique SaaS engagement platform drives autonomous traffic fueled by publishers, advertisers, and telecommunication companies existing content with a unique multiplayer gaming experience.
  • Lightfield One

    Volumetric Camera for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

  • Shuut

    Create & promote video stories for your business. Shuut simplifies video advertising on Social Media for small businesses by making it faster, affordable and efficient using only one device - mobile.

    THE DISTRIQT is a digital publisher with a video-only platform for female millennials: original video-entertainment full of humor, realness and intellect.
  • Voimada

    Voimada is an online platform using artificial intelligence to make publishing easier.
  • whyapply

    Whyapply is a new approach how to attract talent with real content and performance marketing instead of standardized job ads.



    Exponenta is a deep tech, early stage startup founded by a publisher and a data scientist. We use machine learning, NLP and neural networks to decode the complexity of virality and to provide recommendations how to create content your audience is going to share.
  • Frameright

    Next Generation of Images. Uncompromised Image Cropping for Multiplatform Environments.
  • helloguide

    Helloguide introduces a SaaS-chatbot automation platform that converts content into dialogues - for an easy way to engage the mobile audience of media, museums, events, cities and brands.
  • Locationews

    Where Matters. Locationews is a location-based article browser and publishing platform with the emphasis.
  • FanMatics

    FanMatics helps publishers convert anonymous reach into loyalists via unlockable rewards.

  • The Shotcaller

    Nurturing Esports Culture. The Shotcaller combines high standards of traditional journalism with a huge passion for esports. The endemic esports media outlet stands for high quality think pieces & interviews rather than hit-pieces.
  • Yobo

    YOBO is an AI driven city guide. It´s using picture recognition to collect cognitive data about places and emojis to learn about you. Based on your situation it recommends you local spots which perfectly match to your mood.

    Aiconix aims to revolutionize how individuals and media related businesses, small and large, can access, handle and process image related information. We analyse, tailor and enrich big data providing clients with accelerated access to programmatic creation and programmatic advertising.


  • 23°

    Easily find reliable data in one place, already visualized and ready to use for all your publications.

    A SaaS model which helps companies to manage the constantly growing freelance workforce.
  • Breaker

    An algorithm and search engine for breaking information, with tools to help identify the source and the veracity.
  • Simply Aloud

    Speakers as a service.
  • Cutnut

    Cutnut brings the story format to companies, by providing the easiest Story Content Creation platform available.
  • Smob

    The app to challenge your friends to share pictures everyday.
  • Toby

    Toby is a connected shopping assistant with artificial intelligence.
  • RAWR

    Organizes the world’s opinion and makes it universally accessible and useful
  • iBot

    A chatbot building software focused on ecommerce that helps online store owners build, host and deploy product-smart chatbot on Facebook Messenger.


  • Newsreps

    The user generated News Network - Real people - Real News
  • Stream Time

    Scheduling and discovery application for all live streaming platforms.
  • Sceenic

    Sceenic’s “Watch Together” technology powers interactive co-viewing experiences for media companies.
  • Content Flow

    Are video-livestreaming your event in flawless quality to any mobile and stationary device available.



    We provide a service platform for our customers to commercialize their social media and web reach with engaging live entertainment. Our current customers include: William Hill (UK), Tipico (GE), Jung von Matt (GE), DOSB (GE) and Veikkaus (FI).
  • Snappd

    Snappd is a native mobile app for discovering and watching vertical videos.
  • Minty

    High quality illustrator community curated by creative professionals.
  • Video To The People

    Add video stories to your website and mobile app
  • whocares

    A social media game which helps you to find out what your friends think, about you and everything you are interested in.


  • is a Social Engagement SaaS that helps Newspapers and Publishers create & monetize content around entertainment.
  • Yatrus Analytics

    Analytics help media discover, verify and predict events by analyzing millions of data points. By combining social media and open data they make sure nobody gets fake news.
  • PushApps

    Automatically transforms your regular push notifications into a multi- optioned and dynamically optimized notifications.
  • Narrativa

    Narrativa is empowering data journalists through our technology, working together, tackling big data, telling more stories and informing more people!

    WEPOLITICS is the social opinion platform that increases engagement of member-based organizations.


  • AdTriba

    AdTriba allows advertisers to track, control and optimize their marketing activities across all digital marketing channels.
  • Nqyer

    Nqyer Media is an agency, specialized on Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing and Branded Entertainment.
  • Spectrm

    Spectrm Is the easiest way to create powerful chatbots people love.
  • Spotgun

    With the second screen app Sportgun you can play guessing TV ads during the TV breaks.