(Germany) BotTalk enables publishers to put their content on the fastest growing voice platforms: Amazon Alexa and Google Home. BotTalk is a simple and powerful platform that automatically converts any written word into spoken word. Just like podcasts, but without production overhead! Save months of development headache and focus on what makes you unique – creating your content.

(Germany) Zaubar develops the premier content creation app-platform for regional journalists and publishers to create Augmented Reality content with virtually no technical expertise nor production costs. Simply using historical photos or videos, we create digital sightseeing tours based on latest augmented reality technology.

(Spain) Tebeox is a subscription based platform to publish and read digital comic books with an easy to use app and content made by professional authors.

(Germany) Companies of all sizes deal with market information, yet there is no off-the-shelf organizational solution for it. Introducing Midesk, an AI-powered market intelligence platform and first market intelligence marketplace for companies of all sizes that deal with market intelligence, competitive intelligence and media monitoring.

(Austria) is the best content pool for real life stories, a market place and a perpetuum mobile for content creation. Everyone can publish his/her real stories online and make a real book out of them – publish yourself with drag&drop. The “operating system book“ is the guarantee for high-quality content.

GetCreative (United Kingdom) The PR industry has a lack of creative resources yet relies on visualizing creative ideas to win new and keep existing, business. Get Creative enables ideation, visualization and enhances creativity.

(Sweden) Casablnca is a CRM-System for companies and agencies working with Influencer Marketing in-house. To handle, browse and sort Influencers, create campaigns and ongoing collaborations, follow up on customized KPIs and take reliable, data driven decisions for best possible growth.


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