#PRhack: Meet the Winners 🏆

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In the second edition of #prhack organized together with news aktuell and OTTO, fischerAppelt, Google News Lab and Microsoft, participants proved that there are many ways to Reboot PR that go way beyond traditional press releases. From solutions to to help companies to recrute and hire to platforms and tools to help social causes, meet the jury’s (and the audience’s) four favorite ideas.


fischerAppelt Prize “Most Innovative” (2.000 EUR): Syglio

Foto: Daniel Reinhardt/news aktuell

Tool applying blockchain technology for online content quality verification.

OTTO Prize “Most Needed” (2.000 EUR): Aussicht

Foto: Daniel Reinhardt/news aktuell

Tech for the good: a prototype for printing letter templates that allows blind people to read and write.

newsaktuell “Best Overall” (2.000 EUR + tickets to Online Marketing Rockstars): BonoPRO

Foto: Daniel Reinhardt/news aktuell

A marketplce where creative minds can offer services to help social projects.

Google News Lab Audience Prize “Best Validation” (Google Homes): Finder

Foto: Daniel Reinhardt/news aktuell

“Tinder for news”: personalized content platform.

Congrats to all teams!

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