Call for European Media Innovators:  STADIEM starts first Open Call for founders

STADIEM: Who can improve the European Media Landscape?


Digitization, transformation, innovation: If the pandemic made one thing visible, it is the strong need for structural change within the well-established media houses. Now, more than ever, the demand for innovative solutions, digital revenue streams and business models needs to be addressed. It is time to act now, it is time to act fast. Not only on a national but also on a European level.

With the EU project STADIEM this need is going to be met: The goal of the first Open Call within the realm of Horizon 2020 project framework is to facilitate the cooperation between startups and corporates in order to find troubleshooters for pressing pain points. Easy-to-access knowledge of founders is going hand in hand with the market experience of long-established media houses.

EU Project: Strong partners supporting STADIEM

Bearing in mind these challenges, the European Commission initiated the STADIEM project (Startup Driven Innovation in European Media). The project is funded with more than three Million Euros and runs for three years in total. Startup Founders and key players within the European media industry are bound to team up for successful pilot projects.

Media tech startup willing to take part?Join the Open Call until March 31st

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, the project relies on the strong ties and collaboration of four big European startup hubs to foster the innovative ecosystem in a cross-border approach. The founders are supported by VRT (Brussels, Belgium), Storytek (Tallinn, Estonia), Media City Bergen (Bergen, Norway) and NMA (Hamburg, Germany).

Dr. Tanja Deuerling, NMA EU-Project Manager: “We are looking forward to reinforcing bonds with our European partners and to receiving many inspiring applications from different startups of the media value chain.”

Easy Testing Framework to support EU Project STADIEM

For the EU Project it is necessary to have a proven cooperation framework in place: This is where the NMA’s “Easy Testing” comes into play: In a sheltered environment, both the corporate and the startup get to know each other’s workflow and speed and shape the startup’s product with valuable feedback rounds (For a deep dive into the concept read our Whitepaper.).

Christoph Hüning, NMA Managing Partner: “With our proven easy testing approach we add value to the business of our network of media corporates since years already. Now we are happy to share this approach with more partners and corporates across Europe.”

STADIEM Open Call runs until March 2021 

The applications for STADIEM’s first Open Call just took off this week. Media tech founders are able to apply until March 31st. The applications will then be assessed and 40 teams will be picked to join the next following round. The best teams will be rewarded with connections to media houses – ideally with joint Easy Testing cases that follow suit.

 First hand-insights on Easy Testing wanted? Join our event. 

Tune into successful Easy Testing cases of NMA founders! In our Live-Lunch Sessions startups and media companies provide first-hand insights. Sign up for the next edition on February 9th.

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