Time for a new round: Welcome batch 4!⭐

Even the sun came out to welcome the new teams that comprise our new batch! Neither the jet lag, nor the below-zero temperature lowered their enthusiasm during the first day at Betahaus, where they got to know each other and were introduced to the Project Field Workshop!

From Brazil to the UK, from Sweden to Germany, the five startups will be working hard in the next months to develop their ideas, which involve intelligent content-creation, livestreams and user-generated news.

Curious about their work? Wait no more! Meet the teams from batch 4🎉

Autorship.me (Brazil) is a tool specifically designed to help professional authors. The startup offers a program intended to meet the needs of writers and copywriters, using artificial intelligence and providing tips so that they can enhance their productivity.

Sceenic (UK) wants to promote a new TV and OTT experience, one that users can create their own “virtual living room” where they can see themselves, invite friends and interact with each other. Brands can also interact with the users directly via real-time video transmissions and host their own content via their own branded streaming platform.

Contentflow (Germany) provides a software for multi-platform livestreaming, and has the aim to enable users worldwide to engage and participate in live broadcasts in HD TV and let them take part directly in various events, be it through comments, discussions or shares.

Newsreps (Sweden) offers a platform that brings together the demands from media outlets and content generated by “real people”. Through the app, publishers can send tasks, request content or reporting about an event, for example, while users can propose pitches and help journalists with researches.

Streamtime (UK) works on a scheduling and discovery application for all live streaming platforms, where professionals from media industry or social media influencers can broaden reach and build up an audience of loyal users.

Want to meet the minds behind these startups? The teams will be presenting at the nma-MediaMatch on the 2nd and 3rd of March! The event will being together startups, media makers and investors in the media and advertising industry. Come check them out!


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