Who will be my mentor?

That depends on your needs. You can have a quick look in our website to see the whole list of mentors associated to our accelerator and we can ping them anytime for you.

Yes, however if you have an interesting idea reach out to us at any time. Our applications run throughout the year. If you are in Hamburg and want to meet us for a coffee, just get in touch.

We want to see that you know how your market opportunities are. We are looking for companies that make a strong VC case, so your expected revenues should match that expectation. You are a startup – so don’t calculate everything on a monthly basis.

You need to have more than only an idea. A prototype and some customers would be great. You can also apply in a later stage if our program brings you a strategic advantage but we never invest more than 50k.

Yes, you can.

You can apply, but it is unlikely that we will accept you. We believe creating a successful startup is about teamwork. But we also believe in some serendipity from time to time.

At least the key core of your team must be in Hamburg for most of the time. One of the main benefits of the program is our community and our network. Many come always spontaneously to pay us a visit and you don’t want to miss that.

We have interest in early stage media-related startups whose product has to do with creation, consumption, distribution, storage and analysis of content or advertising. They also need to have a technological ground and be ready to scale.


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