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Sabela (Spain), Lerato (South Africa), Julia (Brazil) and Bianca (Germany). International NMA team.

“I was given the opportunity to build my team at NMA. I picked up these three wonderful and powerful women. Together we make NMA international, lively and colourful.”

Sabela Garcia Cuesta, Program Manager.

At NMA we have been supporting equally men and women founders. We are looking forward to closing the gender gap in tech, digital and entrepreneurship. In this spirit, we invite women co-founders and entrepreneurs to apply now and join us in our next batch.

Tasia and Daria.

“Being an entrepreneur for me is being self-confident, believing in your abilities and fighting for something you think will change the world into a better place!” Tasia Breidenbrücker, co-founder of Slant (batch 5).

“Entrepreneurs are paradoxical people. Instead of taking predictable benefits of established frames, we go for the drive of uncertainty.” Daria Minsky, co-founder of Exponenta (batch 6).

Marina , Ines and Petra .

“Being an entrepreneur is like making art.” Marina Ekroos, co-founder of Frameright (batch 6).

“Being an entrepreneur is like being on an adventure trip — not always knowing what comes next. Adrenaline without needing to bunge-jump or swimming with sharks.“ Ines Woerman, co-founder helloguide (batch 6).

“The best on my company is that it brings me to crazy places meeting super nice and interesting people.” Petra Kemkova, co-founder Minty (batch 3)

Sabeen, Sonia and Sahra

“My life as a professional woman is a living example of this quote (with minor editing): I am thankful to all those who said no. It is because of them that I did it & I did it myself.” Sabeen Jamil, journalist and working student.

“As a woman, people will often doubt in your capabilities and abilities to do the job. But it is important to always stay focus and keep in mind the reasons for which you are doing what you are doing. Your goals should be your driving forces and they would also help you to not concentrate on negative perceptions or assumptions people have about you.” Sonia, journalist and working student.

“For me as a woman, every debate about what women can or can’t do is really hard to understand: When I am told ‘You are not able to do this or that’, that challenges me more than anything else.” Sahra Kluender, working student.


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