A look inside and out: How to enhance your company’s performance

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Relationships with customers, clients, users, readers and audiences are key for every company. But one thing that is also very important, be it for early stage startups or big corporations, is the need to constantly work on improving internal processes and relationships within the company. Especially in times of crisis, when the focus shifts to home office and remote solutions, it is important to keep a close eye on both internal and external developments.

At next media accelerator (NMA) we have for portfolio companies each tackling one of these fields:


Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Finding the right people: Make it a job challenge

People love challenges. One only needs to take a look at all the Social Media challenges trending during covid-19 self-isolation. So, why not make use of this gamification desire in your HR? The startup whyapply connects employers and employees via job challenges. As a first reaction to the challenges posed by the company, the applicant can already submit first ideas which could solve the challenge.


Gender representation: monitor and balance diversity

Gender representation is mainly thought of when thinking of the people in the workforce or the ratio in board members. But many publishers and broadcasters are not aware of the fact which diversity potential lies within their video content and program. Ceretai developed a tool which lets you monitor and analyze the latter. For instance, they analyzed how often female characters in Game of Thrones speak. Do you want to keep track of gender representation in your video content?


Analysis of Game of Thrones characters speaking time (via ceretai. com).

Gain insights and better understanding on emotions

VibeVision uses scientifically backed surveys to monitor the mood of employees and consumers. During the covid-19 crisis they created an analysis on the emotional profile of their network — the findings: Confusion, anger, calmness and belief. Find the details here.


Emotional Profiles of VibeVision network during the covid-19 crisis (Screenshot).

Want to see them smile? Drop them a line.

Organize and improve market intelligence the smart way

Midesk is a SaaS platform which helps sales, strategy and communication units to better organize, monitor and report their media work, knowledge and market intelligence. Up to 80 percent of the media work can be automated whereby producing a more professional outcome.

To help you adapt to covid-19 times, Midesk created a free business strategy check up. Test it now.


Business stratey check up provided by Midesk (via Midesk.co).

High demand for information: Corona help bot provides answers

How does information flow during the covid-19 crisis? The need for news coverage is at an alltime high. Many people need specific information. Usually, this would be solved by hiring people to operate telephone hotlines and comprise FAQs — yet still beside these analogue approaches there is the efficient combination of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence: Business Insider Germany and the next media accelerator portfolio company Spectrm created a bot for Facebook Messenger. The messenger bot helps economically struggling employers, employees and self-employed in Germany navigate through help offers and corona government aid during the covid-19 pandemic. Read more about the project here.


Facebook-Messenger-Chat-Bot of Business Insider and Spectrm (Screenshot).

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