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In tough times of quarantine, social distancing and anxiety generated by the news, we can be thankful for all the entertainment options available, which provides us relief and brings us some lightness to the daily routine.

At NMA, we also believe in the powerful alliance between producing fun, engaging content while sharing informative, relevant messages. Meet the startups that are here to spice up media entertainment:

Where tech meets magic

Zaubar is making it possible for media companies to experiment with augmented reality technology to come up with projects that engage the audience. They have partnered up with Tagesspiegel to produce a virtual tour around Berlin to commemorate the fall of the wall. This month, Zaubar has teamed up with the famous German TV Show “Verstehen Sie Spass” by broadcaster SWR and turned the host, Guido Cantz, into a digital avatar.Information, entertainment and unicorn humor


Information, entertainment and unicorn humor

In times of quarantine, there’s still a way to explore other cities — and meet the entrepreneurial scene in each of them. The Lunicorn takes you on a journey, producing short video series and interviews showcasing the particularities of the tech-startup world of each place. Watch the Hamburg episode to get started:


Let the bot guide you

What do museums, publishers, churches and tech festivals have in common? They can all benefit from HelloGuide. The startup provides easy solutions for organizations to produce personalized chatbots that allow the audience to interact and engage with the content produced.


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