NMA Spotlight: Boosting Advertising with data

NMA Spotlight: Boosting Advertising with data


With so many ad tech startups offering all sorts of solutions and big technology companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon eating big slices of the revenue cake, one can wonder: is there still room for innovation when it comes to advertising nowadays?

Boosting Advertising with Data: NMA Spotlight Event

We believe so. In the second edition of our Spotlight event series, we invited international startup founders and managers from agencies to discuss the advancements, challenges and trends for ad-tech. In short: Boosting Advertising with Data. We summarized the highlights:

NMA’s Managing Partner, Nico Lumma, sees the advancement of digitalization as a potential for new developments in the advertising industry. There are now more and better possibilities to measure and track campaigns in real time, for example. He sees also an opportunity for startups to blossom in the advertising space - the key is to run “small, niche-focused businesses”.

The  “digital revolution” impacts not only measurement and distribution, but also the creative process of developing campaigns. Agencies now need collaborative tools (beyond Slack and Zoom) to make the creation process easier and more effective. The founders of Moderne, could foresee this trend before the worldwide remote-office modus was adopted: they created an online tool where teams can share and receive input and boost their process-creation together. You can try it here.

Spotlight is an event series hosted by the next media accelerator. Each edition shines a light on a relevant topic for the media industry. If you want to join the upcoming editions of this exclusive event for media managers and startup founders, get in touch.