NMA Spotlight: How to stand out in the content creation boom

What is in store for the future of creative content creation? We shone a Spotlight on the topic: it’s all about relevance, new tech solutions and innovation.In recent years there has been a “boom” of content producers: according to Forbes, more than 50 million people consider themselves creators, with platforms like YouTube and Instagram being the stage for them to shine and grow.


With the rise of the “creator economy” follows a growth in companies and startups developing tech products that comprise the creator tool kit of our times.

In our Spotlight session, we gathered startups founders and media managers to exchange on the latest developments and future of the creative industry. In this blog post we bring you the highlights:

“Content is king, Context is king kong”


Sure, innovative storytelling formats, new techniques and a touch of creativity make content way more interesting and engaging. But one thing creators should not lose sight of is to make sure, the content is relevant. That is the advice shared by Christof Biggeleben, Chief Creative Officer at Ressourcenmangel, one of the leading agencies in Germany.

In his view, the key to the success is in producing a contextual campaign. “Content is king, Context is king kong” is his hypothesis. “When you're creating content, look at the context, because context is the little sister of relevance. And when the content you're creating is not relevant, it's not interesting for the target groups. So there's always a PR view on content.”

Remote workflows: the way forward

Looking at the production side, there are many challenges and opportunities for content creators to be aware of. There is an increase in demand for content, which needs to be produced almost 24/7; there are many more players in the field (influencers and freelancers crowding the space that once was exclusive to agencies); and there is a growing need for skill sets, since clients and consumers expect high-quality content.

WhoCanShoot is a platform that offers an answer to all of these key challenges, bringing content creation in one place.Founder Ludwig Henne sees the shift of many aspects of the production side to remote workflows as a long-term effect in the post-pandemic world.  “I think people are moving more to remote workflows and to ways on how they can collaborate on productions. Planning, shooting, (...) all of that as remotely as possible”, he states.


Enabling creative teams to work together even from a distance has also been in the DNA of the startup Moderne. Having the experience of working inside the marketing and advertising industries, founder Mila Dayan saw a big potential in having a digital tool to boost the work of teams in agencies and brands.  “I faced all the problems inside creative processes such as sitting in front of the blank page, searching for inspiration, and brainstorming sessions”, she states. That’s why she founded her startup. “It's very important for creative people to be up-to-date, and follow all trends and innovation”, she adds.

Leading the visual awareness revolution

Looking deeper into the image topic, the startup Frameright is solving a core problem affecting visual culture: badly cropped images being shared across multiple channels.

Being a photographer herself, co-founder Marina Ekroos wants to empower companies and individual creators to be in control of how their images will be displayed in multiple channels. Thanks to their in-house-built AI solution, it’s easier than ever before. “I believe in the future we can have a more visual culture and higher awareness, that’s our goal”, she says.

Spotlight: There is more!

Want to see the full presentation and panel discussion with the speakers? We got you covered: watch the recording.

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