Smart tools for the digital newsroom


Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Newsrooms work non-stop.

That’s especially true in the face of unprecedented challenges such as the one posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most publishers, radio stations and broadcasters had to be quick to adapt to the new routine of working remote and doing home office. But how can journalists carry on core activities, such as conducting interviews, from a distance?

At the next media accelerator, we believe that embracing innovation is key for making the media industry move forward. Check out the digital solutions provided by startups from our portfolio, which help media companies keep the news production going.

From the start: step up the research game.

Research is a crucial task to journalism, but is also a time-consuming one. faktual provides a time-saving solution with its fully customizable search engine, allowing journalists to improve their research process, selecting and keeping track of relevant and trustworthy sources.


Video interview of audiences — without going out to the streets.

With recommendations to avoid crowds and close interaction in order to prevent the virus from spreading, carrying on interviews might become a tricky task. A tool to bypass this is KlipWorks— it helps to conduct interviews virtually by simply sending out a link. Public German broadcaster NDR is already testing the solution to ask their audience how they are staying fit at home. And even in times without a virus spreading around you can use Klipworks to gather decentralized input and reach areas where no journalist is on premise in that moment.


Power to the people — user generated content.

Indieframe allows media houses to collaborate directly with their audience through a digital platform where user generated images and videos can be licensed to publishers. That way, both parts can benefit from the exchange — and the startup ensures that content can be verified and is trustworthy. Users can showcase the latest developments of Covid-19 in their surroundings, through their own, unique perspective.


Bet on audio format.

Nowadays news is massively consumed in audio format. Readers of German newspaper Hamburger Abendblatt can listen to the latest developments of Covid-19 in a high-quality produced audio version. That’s powered by Bottalk, which allows publishers to create voice experiences in a simple, efficient way. Join the audio revolution.


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