The elephant in the room — ad revenue: Why you have to act now


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During these challenging times publishers, media houses and companies alike have to fight the loss of ad revenue. Optimization and timing is key. Even small changes can be crucial and innovation can help bridge the gap: At the next media accelerator we believe in smart solutions to tackle the problem — four of our portfolio startups assist in increasing your ad revenue.


AdTriba: Picture the market shift and adapt

AdTriba allows advertisers to track, control and optimize their marketing activities across all digital marketing channels with a machine learning backed tool. Here is a read on how the startup experienced the market shift caused by the corona crisis and how they suggest handling it.


AdTriba offers these benefits to publishers (via

yieldPass tells you when you are in danger of losing ad revenue

yieldPass is the troubleshooter in the ad monetization process. Most publishers use many different monetization solutions to get the utmost out of their ad space. With their 24/7 real time monitoring yieldPass spots hiccups in the monetization solutions faster than the publishers. In this manner the startup prevents massive revenue losses.


… it is not only about the ‘where’ it is also about the ‘how’ you advertise

Coverstories delivers stunning branded stories to mobile readers — the advertisement unfolds when clicked and takes the reader to a branded content piece. Like this publishers can sell their mobile ad space at a premium.


Beautifully designed branded stories by Coverstories.

To raise or not to raise the paywall

In order for ad monetization to work successfully, Spaii Labs counts on raising the paywall at the right time for the right type of content. They guide newspapers through the journey of moving from advertisement to subscription. Their data driven tools allow publishers to include adaptive paywalls, increase page views, revenues and get new subscribers based on real time analyzed behavioral data.


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