Let it flow: Three tools to add to your creative toolkit


The creative process. Photo by Amélie Mourichon on Unsplash

NMA Startups offer solutions for creatives

What is the hardest part of being creative? Right. It’s the inspiration. Starting from scratch. May it be copywriters, people working at agencies, or freelancers — they all face the same challenges: creating pitches, writing stories and ultimately thinking of innovative solutions under pressure and on a daily basis.

Fortunately, some of our next media accelerator (NMA) portfolio companies are able to lessen this pain. Get to know our creative taskforce:

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Online co-creation

A blank sheet of paper mustn’t be blank horror: Moderne lets its users speed up the creative process, enables people to co-create in a team and run brainstorms more efficiently and smoothly all online. Interested? Get in touch now.


Benefits of Moderne via moderne.st.

Tell your story: Become a writer

You wonder what to do with all this (enforced) spare time? How about publishing your own book with story.one? Just sign up to the platform and get started right away. 12 short stories make a book — it’s on you to decide whether it’s a hardcopy or an e-book. If you want to get inspired — subscribe to their newsletter “Geschichten-Brief” which lets you read the trending stories on the platform.


Become a writer now on story.one.

High quality content in a heartbeat

Create compelling high quality content with Story.liner at a fraction of the cost. The AI-backed solution provides you with tipps and monitors your content quality in real time. Kick-start your creativity and get high quality content NOW.