Why visual storytelling is more relevant than ever

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s a popular saying that seems even more relevant when we look at the way we, as readers, relate to news and facts shared in the media.

When information can be visualized, it becomes easier to grasp. Especially when reporting on a complex topic (such as the Covid-19 crisis), images, illustrations and graphics can be strong elements to help people understand and engage better with a story.

At NMA, we have a wide range of startups in our portfolio developing tech solutions to innovate the media industry.

Check out some of the companies that can help publishers, agencies, broadcasters (and other companies) to improve the storytelling in a visual way:

Comics for news

If you think comic strips are only suitable for fiction, be aware that they can be a fine resource for publishers to report on topics (such as the ongoing pandemic crisis) in a straightforward, uncomplicated way. Tebeox already allowed several publishers to share news through digital comics — check out the examples and get in touch to work on new ones.

Getting images right

Frameright is an editing tool that allows content creators to make multiple, intelligent crops in images and photos to be used in articles shared online — it is not just a matter or ending headless portraits, but also to be socially responsible when sharing them.

Visual and social

Visual stories are especially important when reporting through social media — and Cutnut story editor allows media houses to edit, publish and preschedule nicely designed stories for Instagram and Google Amp.


Reproduction from cutnut.net

Art meets journalism

Journalists, bloggers and content producers in general can commission illustrations to use in their articles through Minty’s platform. See how we can fight Corona with art.


Minty’s Instagram profile features some of the illustrations: check out @tasteminty

Interacting with data

What better way of dealing with lots of data and numbers than by having them nicely displayed in interactive graphics? 23degrees has already partnered up with publishers and broadcasters to power up their interactive data reporting on the latest developments regarding developments of the Coronavirus pandemic.